Transcendent Solutions Pt 1 - Passion Play Discourse #5

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Passion Play Discourse #5. Problems often begin with our perception of them as such. Much more than a pollyanna "make lemonade" approach, here's how to harness perceived problems to hasten no only resolution but forwards strides toward success.

"If we allow our problems to seize our attention and we attach negative emotions, we inevitably strengthen the problem and give it a stronger and longer life of its own. In so doing, we errantly create a more compelling matrix for their full and painful manifestations. If we disassociate from declaring the circumstances to be a problem, shift our attention to a state of awareness beyond the problem, and focus on the knowing there is a solution; then the problem’s power supply is undermined and its effects upon our lives are minimized because we allowed Spirit to work though us to seek its own level – even to where the problem does not exist."