Thyroid Solutions (The Tao Of) by WellnessWiz Jack Tips

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This information was a big hit at the 2012 Intensive Training Seminar: New Solutions For Hypothyroidism.  Dr. Tips presented 10 key issues that affect thyroid cellular metabolism, and Dr. Rob Schwartz demonstrated how they serve to hone in on the deep causes of thyroid distress and point directly to clinically effective programs. 

In this publication, you'll learn about:

1) How the practitioner's body of knowledge serves as a filter to reveal the patient's truth,

2) The Zen Paradox--how a kinesiologist must be simultaneously active and passive, and

3) why a nutritional formula that "tests" to be right but fails to bring the patient into balance.

"This presentation revitalized by testing ability based on a new and deeper understanding of the thyroid. The 10-Questions are brilliant and cut directly to the core issues such as selenium, iodine, mitochondrial membranes and ATP production, free radicals, autoimmune issues, and adrenal stress and reversed T3.  Knowledge is indeed power and this article is powerful!"  -- Dr. N.S. (D.C.) -- Oregon

"This article, coupled with 'The Precision Dose' has taken my clinical results to new heights. I wholeheartedly suggest that all practitioners --those who muscle test and those who don't -- will benefit greatly from these keen insights." -- Dr. Gregg Hill

10 pages, illustrated  
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