Thyroid Questionnaire by WellnessWiz Jack Tips

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This is a very handy questionnaire for clinical use because ot does the work for the doctor in explaining the reason for each question.

Educates while the patient is competing the form.

Example: 1. Chilliness.  Are you chilly? Do you have cold hands and feet?  [Thyroxin sets the rate of cellular metabolism and how fast your cells make energy.  Cellular energy is 2/3 metabolic and 1/3 heat generating. Many people have normal thyroxin output by the thyroid, but it does not get the job done due to thyroxin resistance at the target cells due to ‘toxic’ compounds that block the conversion of T4 to T3 resulting in chilliness of extremities (the body chooses to conserve heat via the blood supply for the vital organs.) Also associated with chilliness is the inability to adapt to cold weather—the thyroid’s job.]

“A fabulous questionnaire that fulfills the true meaning of doctor – teacher!”  -- Dr. Tomas Garcia

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