Thyroid Dysfunction -- Prevent & Reverse Now

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Thyroid dysfunction is a pandemic affecting more than 27 million people in the USA alone. With the Fukushima nuclear disaster continuing to spew nuclear radiation into the Pacific Ocean and the Earth's atmosphere, thyroid-destroying particles are impacting peoples' thyroids from Seattle to Bangor, from San Diego to Miami.

In this discourse, Dr. Tips demonstrates how thyroid dysfunction underlies practically all autoimmune and chronic degenerative diseases. He also presents a list of the top nine causes of thyroid malfunction. Best of all, he presents a clear strategy on what a person can do to help the body reverse thyroid dysfunction so that there is "no excuse" for the body to fail in normalizing thyroid function.  Here you'll find a special emphasis on Hashimoto's and Graves' autoimmune concerns. You'll also find some myths being broken--myths regarding iodine that are keeping people hooked on thyroid drugs. Discover how thyroid gland health is critical for the body's proper function and what you can do to protect your health.

"OMG! Dr. Tips explains, in one paragraph of "Prevent & Reverse Thyroid Dysfunction," the entire overview of the real cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  After years of wrestling with why fatigue is often such a clinical challenge--here's the answer, so simple and clear." -- Jeffrey Harp, N.D.

"I'm considered a well-versed clinician regarding the thyroid, but this article just opened the door to increasing my understanding ten-fold. Now I understand why hypothyroidism is first and foremost the body's own decision to protect itself. Understanding why and how that happens opens the door to knowing how to help more people. I want my patients to read this!" -- Dr. Emily Kim

"Finally someone explains it all where I can understand it!" - Anna Mayer

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