The Weight Is Over

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Get trim now! It’s not your fault your weight is up and your energy is down. You’ve avoided fat, you’ve increased grains, you’ve eaten less—just like they told you. But you know what? They toldyou wrong! If you are like most people, you tried, you failed, but you didn’t know that YOU’VE BEEN MISLEAD! Now, for the first time, find out about the perfect, customdesigned eating plan for you as an individual! The Weight Is Over delves into the insulin-resistance/glucagon hormone activity and takes you step by step into a mastery of nutrition—both eating to lose excess fat as well as simultaneously building optimal nutritional health. Much more than a crash program, this book helps you build a healthy lifestyle that will benefit you for the rest of your life. Learn about:

• The real reason you gain weight and how to reverse it!

• The optimal foods for human nutrition!

• Foods you’ve been told were bad, but they’re not!

• Super foods that unleash your body’s ability to burn fat while you sleep!

• Herbs and nutrients that help you burn fat away!

This is the last fat-loss book you’ll ever need.

The Weight Is Over is more than guidelines and tips, it is a strategic action plan, based on over 30 years of research and clinical experience. You’ll be taken through the maze of nutrition confusion into a crystal clear program that brings you success you can keep. You’ll enjoy this simple presentation.

“Jack Tips turns complex nutritional issues into a powerful simplicity spiked with a dose of dry Texas humor. This is a most enjoyable book that drives home a message of personal freedom and optimal health through the ancient insight of common sense. Besides it’s the best discourse on weight loss I’ve ever seen.” Herb Slavin, MD; Institute of Advanced Medicine, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


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    Posted by Rozana Kirchner on 12th Oct 2015

    I always had a lot of confusion about the insulin process in the body and Jack transmits this information in simple words. It is very clear.
    Also not many books talk about fructose's role and the insulin impact in the body. Most of them even mix fructose with glucose or don't even mention it. So congratulations !!!
    Love it.