The Pro-Vita! Plan for Optimal Nutrition by Wellness Wiz Jack Tips

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In a time when nutrition books come and go faster than you can read them, here’s a book that has withstood the test of time. With nutritional research expanding at a phenomenal rate, it’s uncanny how the new research only confirms what The Pro-Vita! put forth thirty years ago. Once you read the Pro-Vita!, you’ll have a basis to assess, understand, and most importantly discern the value of all the dietary theories running rampant today, .

“The Pro-Vita! is the ultimate guide to the care and feeding of the human body. It teaches core nutritional principles that guide you for a lifetime. A must-read nutrition classic!”Prof. Sylvia Harral, Nutrition Department, Porterville Jr. College

One of the most important natural health books of the 20th Century! I’ve not read a book yet in the 21st century that can compare to the fundamental wisdom and basic insights of The Pro-Vita! – Dr. Robert  Stone

Absolutely essential reading for every natural health practitioner and anyone wanting to end the confusion about dietary health. Here you’ll embark on a dietary adventure and discover the timeless, often overlooked, nutritional principles that form the core of cellular nutrition.  No longer will you live under the rampant misconceptions promulgated by modern medicine, governmental agencies, and media that ultimately lead to disease. Here revealed are the common sense, basic guidelines for optimal dietary health. Without a doubt, everyone practicing the Pro-Vita! principles will soon experience what it is to unleash their vibrant health within.

“The Pro-Vita! is a nutrition book for everyone, and within its pages is information that will improve every reader’s health, no matter what dietary persuasion they practice." – Bill Kroger, M.Ed.

Discover the healing power of foods; the optimal proteins, fats and carbohydrates for human nutrition; and how to build health and vitality.  Here you’ll learn how to think for yourself rather than follow someone’s limited idea of what nutrition should be. You’ll easily construct the world’s most life-sustaining meal out of foods you love and leave nothing to chance.

"Revolutionary in its information, moderate in its position, the Pro-Vita! is a very doable nutrition plan that everyone can relate to and put into practice with profound benefits. I bless the day I discovered this book in 1991 and since then, it occupies a position of prominence in my personal natural health library." Sami Tilzer, Clinical Nutritionist

If I had to choose one book to guide me to nutritional health, the Pro-Vita! is that book. Once you understand and implement its timeless principles, your cells will rejoice and reward you with an inner strength and vibrancy called feeling truly alive. – Joyce Thomas, NC.

The Pro-Vita! is “For Life” and firmly plants your feet in the heart of nutritional wisdom that unleashes your vitality for that “I feel terrific!” advantage in life.

ISBN 0-929167-21-X 300 pages