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This brilliant 15-page discourse features a wealth of fascinating naturopathic insights about how the body heals itself -- a must for practitioners of the natural healing arts and especially for practitioners who use muscle testing (kinesiologists), piezo-electronic resonance devices, dousing modalities, and anyone who wants to know more about how natural medicines help the body heal itself.

"After reading this article, my muscle-testing skills improved. I learned more from this than from most of the classes I attended." -- Dr. Jaime Guerrero. 

 A must for acupuncturists who practice herbology. "Finally, someone explains the bioenergetic impact of herbal medicines on the body's energy and cellular function. This was breakthrough information for me." -- P. Cummings, L.Ac.

This discourse is a milestone that encompasses the key variables in how plants and nutrition communicate with the body's innate vitality. It shows how practitioners of the true healing arts can enliven the body with the "precision dose" that elicits the best healing response.

"True healing occurs when the body solves or overcomes the disease (the morbific influence that elicits errant gene expressions), and no longer expresses symptoms in response to that disease-resonance. Thus true healing corrects not only the morbific agent or disease process, it corrects the body’s incomplete attempts to be free of the disease process. This is consistent with the dual action of living medicines that both nourish and stimulate the body’s innate healing vitality, and even directs the body toward its cure. Inevitably, herbal/nutritional molecules “talk” to the chromosomes about how to express optimal health."

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    Enjoying the heck out of this!

    Posted by Dr. Moira on 28th Feb 2014

    Thanks so much ... Enjoying the heck out of The Precision Dose. Rich Stuff!