The Perils of Benefactors, The Blessings Of Parasites

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New Hope To Prevent Age-Related-Cognitive-Decline.
WellnessWiz Jack takes a lengthy stroll through the history of life and the development of current gene-expressions concerns which culminate in the provocative insights about Alzheimer’s as a preventable disease and the virtues of gene testing. This connects the ancient relationship between pathogens and hookworm to the over-expression of the 
APOE-ε4 risk-allele today which is just small part of the constellation of genes and environmental issues that facilitate the reason that the APOE-ε4 risk-allele becomes a predisposition for Alzheimer’s.

More simply put, this is a powerful, entertaining, well-crafted view of human history, and how our genes all serve a purpose that can be encountered due to new-stressors in the 21st Century. Most enjoyable and enlightening!