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The Art & Science of Sclerology Certification Course is now completely and entirely incorporated into the Scleragraphics course.

Do you ever wish that the human body had a self-diagnostic program that would warn you of impending health concerns long before they develop into symptoms?

You might be surprised to know that indeed it does!

Perhaps you have wished that the body could reveal the CAUSE of health issues and not simply reveal distress via painful symptoms.

Again, you might be surprised to know that indeed it does! This is marvelous news because it empowers a person to “correct the cause” and restore optimal health, rather than “suppress a symptom” and leave the dis-ease process intact.

Sclerology is the reflexive language spoken by the red lines in the whites of the eyes.

Foot Glyphology is the language of the fine lines on the soles of the feet.

Together, compared, they are called Scleragraphics.

The founder, Doc Wheelwright, spent over 30 years researching the body’s “reflexive” language, and the health-revealing insights are meticulously shared in a simple course, Scleragraphics, that teaches you to understand what the body has to say. Today, his protégé, Dr. Jack Tips (Ph.D., C.C.N.) author of 16 books including Sclerology, The Foundational Program, has created the A to Z complete distance education course, Scleragraphics, so that anyone can learn this life-changing modality.

The credo of Natural Health practitioners is “Correct the Cause.” People who learn this secret language are privy to cause-and-effect information that makes all the difference in helping the body heal itself. When the body’s greatest stress/congestive pattern is supported with nature’s medicines—herbs, foods, remedies--then the body can make the necessary corrections to restore health to the most optimal state possible.

Red lines in the whites of the eyes...what do they mean?

You can view the world in the blink of an eye...and have one of the most insightful tools for understanding a person's health at your fingertips!


Can't Lose Weight? Is it the Pancreas? Thyroid? Parasites? Syndrome X? Seratonin imbalance? Leptin resistance? Microbiome imbalance? The sclera points the way!

Chronic Fatigue? Is it a problem with the immune system? Low endocrine (thyroid/adrenal) function? Poor liver detoxification, Heavy metal toxicity? Nerve weakness? Cellular Inflammation? The sclera shows the key!

Female Hormone Symptoms? Is the primary cause in the ovaries? Uterus? Thyroid? Adrenals? Liver? Breasts? Pituitary? Cell membrane inflammation? Or a combination of influences? The sclera can reveal the answer!

Headaches? Are they caused by misaligned neck vertebra? Gall bladder congestion? Liver toxicity? Vascular constriction? Bowel constipation? Emotional stress? The sclera provides the insights to know the cause!

There are thousands of questions. The Sclera has answers for those who know the language of the eyes.

Natural health practitioners really love this course!

“This is fabulous! I took this course with Dr. Tips here in New Zealand and immediately after that, I charted my 10 most difficult cases (to use their charts for certification), and re-designed their nutritional programs based on the Scleragraphic information. Now I’m seeing, first hand, what a difference this is making. Already, one asthmatic patient is getting tremendous relief by focusing on colon health – just like the Scleragraphics showed—and another is improving by working with the liver. I’d been working for months with an “adrenal burn out” case, only to find scleragraphically that the primary stress was not the adrenals, but an overburdened immune system. A hyperactive child is improving rapidly on a parasite program – who would have thought! This Scleragraphics is amazing! – Dr. Constance Goode

Who is using Scleragraphics?

Chiropractors. “I can quickly glance in the eyes while a patient is supine on the adjustment table and visually see the effects of reduced nerve supply. This helps steer me to the most important adjustments. Scleragraphics allows me to address top concerns and be more thorough.” Dr. F.P.

Iridologists. “Scleragraphics is a major part of my practice now. It serves as two additional “witnesses” to the body’s stresses helping me establish priorities. The cause and effect aspect of the lines help clarify what the iris reveals, and often I find that the scleragraphic information reveals exactly what I need to know, thus the two systems work together in harmony.” – J.P., IIPA-certified

Nutritionists. “I love to target nutrition to support specific body tissues. Scleragraphics shows exactly what areas need support. Recently, I saw the sclera markings that raise the alert regarding heart issues and was able to recommend CoQ-10, magnesium, d-ribose, PPQ, l-carnitine, nattokinase, and hawthorne. Within a day, the danger zone showed a lightening of the red markings and my client reported much improvement. Thank you Scleragraphics!” – W.C., C.C.N.

Acupuncturists. “Lines in the eyes as a diagnostic tools was known to the ancient Chinese, and for that reason I love integrating it into my Traditional Chinese Medicine practice. The sclera reveals what the body has to say about meridian congestion that’s quickly supported by TCM methods of pulse, tongue and nails. What’s great about the scleragraphic information is that it’s so quick—literally in 30 seconds I have important, confirming insights.” – N.C., L.Ac.

Soccer Moms. “I use Scleragraphics to monitor the health and development of my children. Recently my gluten-sensitive 9 year-old returned home from a birthday party with a bright red line in her left eye at the 2:40 position. I knew that she’d eaten the cake (after instructing her not to!) This helped me act preemptively (with DPP IV enzymes) and helped her avoid the sniffles, diarrhea, and missing a day of school.” – S.F., Melbourne

Clinicians. “Scleragraphics is worth ten times the price! After learning Scleragraphics, I decided to give up my Friday off, and work with some patients nutritionally. I used the flyer from the course and set my charting fee at $95. Then applied nutrition based on the top three stress patterns in the sclera with validation from the feet. Frankly, the results from this simplistic approach are equal, if not better, than what I was doing with expensive lab tests.” -- Dr. G.C., (Osteopathic Physician)

Scleragraphics has it all! It’s quick and easy to learn. It teaches naturopathic perspectives on health and healing. It’s deeply insightful and changes lives! It’s inexpensive to learn and quickly pays for itself. Most importantly, it provides a way to engage “the healer within” and learn what the body’s innate intelligence is saying about how to help improve health.

"Navigating health-restoring options can be confusing for both professionals and consumers. Dr. Jack Tips demystifies assessment and solutions for today's health challenges. With simple explanations and humor, Dr. Tips offers solutions that are both workable and sustainable. It is a blessing for a knowledgeable and approachable expert such as Dr. Tips to make this information available and within reach." Paula S. Stone, educator and author, Therapeutic Reflexology: A Step-by-Step Guide to Professional Competence.

Product Description

The world-definitive course on Sclerology (interpreting the red lines in the eye's sclera for their reflexive health implications), coupled with the world-definitive course on Foot Glyphology (intrepreting the fine lines in the soles of the feet for their reflexive health implications). Straight from the founder, A.S. Wheelwright, this is the true and genuine Sclerology in its entirety. You cannot practice Sclerology accurately or effectively without this knowledge and fundamental insights.

The Art & Science of Sclerology Certification Course is completely and entirely incorporated into this "Scleragraphics" course which also includes the complete Foot Glyphology Certificate Course. Upon completion of Scleragrahpics, you will be issued the Sclerology certificate and the designation "Sclerologist."  The Foot Glyphology certificate carries the designation "Foot Glypholoist" with it. These combined reflexive sciences were precisely how the founder, Doc Wheelwright, practiced as he became one of the premier natural healers of the 20th Century. For example: the sclera reveals "liver stress," and the feet reveal "fungal involvement." Now the practitioner knows how to help the body the best because the eye pinpointed the priority and the feet pinpointed the necessary approach.

Scleragraphics is the most complete and comprehensive Sclerology training available in the world today. You will discover what the body is reflexively communicating about current and future health concerns. You will understand the body's language of stress and congestions that impact health.

Course Materials include:

• 25 hours of professional, fascinating classroom video, in binder
• Lecture notes to follow the PowerPoints
• PowerPoint printouts
• Acetate overlay charting system
• Insights in the Eyes book -- a shortcut to spotting the top 30 lines in the sclera
• The Art & Science of Sclerology Desk Reference (350 pages) -- the most thorough and advanced catalog of organ systems/line configurations
• Color Wall Chart
• 2-hr video on Foot Glyphology
• Foot Glyphology Desk Reference
• Charts for the eyes and feet, and license to print and use the charts
• and much more

Doc Wheelwright claimed, “Sclerology by itself can be practiced with 64% accuracy. But with Foot Glyphology, your accuracy of your programs to effect positive change rises to 92%” This course will make you the very best Sclerologist that you can be.

This Course Includes:


  • DVDS: 13 Discs in Binder, (25 hours of classroom presentations)
  • Causational Guide to Healing Therapeutics + Causational Guide Instructions
  • Study Guide CD, PowerPoints, Cases (Abdomen, Chest, Neck, Head), Around Clock
  • Scleragraphics Charts (five 8.5 X 11 bw, + one 8.5 X 11 color)


  • Foundational Sclerology (book, order on demand from Create Space)
  • Insights in the Eyes (book, order on demand from Create Space)
  • Charting Chart Packet (five 8.5 X 11 bw, + one 8.5 X 11 color)
  • Acetate Overlay Charting System (11 'gray charts, instructions, acetate chart)
  • Exam Packet
  • Wall Charts: 1 color + 2 blue


  • Foot Glyphology Manual (8.5" color cover)
  • Foot Glyphology DVD w Letter (DVD in paper sleeve taped to "Bonus Letter")
  • Foot Glyph Certification exam
  • Foot Glyph Charting Charts (five 8.5 X 11 bw, + one 8.5 X 11 color)

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