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The world-definitive textbook on Sclerology with color photos. Provides quick information on the stress lines and zones so clinicians can make quick interpretations. Features all the lines and zones, commentaries, and hundreds of pictorial examples. You'll discover, step by step, how to accurately and honestly interpret the reflexive information in the sclera. This book is free of conjecture and wishful thinking; and delivers bonafide, proven information.

Never before sold separately from the Scleragraphics Certification Course, this desk reference shows how to interpret the red lines in the whites of the eyes for their reflexive health implications. It takes you from the alpha to the omega of Sclerology. The Founder of Sclerology, Doc Wheelwright, asked shortly before his death in 1990, that Scleology be kept entact to preserve the integrity of the true Sclerology, start to finish so that it would belong to all people and be within their reach. The Sclerology Desk Reference is true to that directive.

So if you are wondering what all those red lines in the white of the eyes are about, here's how you can discover that the eyes reveal deep insights about health. Sclerology shows the constitutional predispositions to health concerns better than most reflexive sciences because the stress lines "start" with the causative information and "end" with the effects, so you will learn how to understand, for example, how a headache may start with a disturbance in the gall bladder region, but also involve the liver, lymphatics and muscles of the neck that result in constrictions labeled 'headache.' Natural health practitioners know to "always address the cause."

“… full of insightful naturopathic principles that each the natural health perspective and lifestyle—well beyond what so many other courses and books teach. I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their perspective on programming priorities (what to do first with therapeutic nutrition.) This knowledge alone is one of the most important factors in clinical success and it's found in this impressive book.”  -- Dr. A. Donnelly

NOTE: The hardback edition has sold out at $495 each. This edition is a trade paperback, thus the reduced price. You are purchasing the knowledge via a paperback book with color illustrations, and not a hard-bound book. This book is a significant part of the Scleragraphics Certification Course ISBN: 978-0929167336 444 pages, 5.5” x 8.25”, color photos


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  • 5
    Excellent material

    Posted by Lawrence DeSantis, CFMP, ND, D.PSc on 8th Jan 2017

    Most comprehensive coursework and textbook on the subject of Sclerology.

    It is the authoritative manual on Sclerology.

  • 4
    Impressive work!

    Posted by Dr. Elizabeth Selandia, OMD, CA on 2nd Feb 2015

    I am totally excited to see the content of this work and look forward to studying it and the accompanying wall chart I ordered. The book is replete with good illustrations and photos and appears easy to follow. I look forward to learning the system of sclerology so as to help those I do better with this new tool.