Passion Play by WellnessWiz Jack Tips

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Harness your often overlooked ability of manifestation and find the power of your true, core values! Passion Play is the art of combining the Native American Mirror Technique with imaging exercises—that make you a master of your creative processes.

Use this simple technique to create success in every arena of your life— wealth, love, health, charity, and spiritual adventures. What could be better in your life? Your bank account? Marriage and love life? Health? Business success? Passion Play reveals how to remove obstacles in your life and embrace the true you.

All your goals and dreams await you— within these pages, within your passion play.

“Can it really be this easy? I’m amazed at the benefits, and it was so much fun!”Shirley Paul

“I’ll never look at life the same. Actually, I’ll never live with the same limitations because this simple exercise catapulted me past my self-limitations and opened larger horizons to my great joy. Looking at my life from the perspective of the “six spheres of influence” allowed me to organize my life for a new “grace and ease. Heartfelt thanks for this life-changing perspective.”William Weatherly

“I asked the unasked question, and suddenly life as we know it fell into place.  Within a day I was able to acknowledge my purpose in life. This book is a milestone in my life.”Hugo Wincott

"Passion Play should be the sequel to The Secret. It brings a huge dose of reality to the manifestation process--far beyond simplistic ideas being bandied about in the media. The Reality Check exercise saved my marriage to my infinate joy." -- Miriam Koswowski

For people who dare to examine their lives, never before has this step-by-step process to improve your quality of life become so clear and easy.  Discover your passion, begin your play. Passion Play will improve your life forever!

"I sat next to a person at a Wayne Dyer event and just knew I needed to read that book. Now I know why!" -- Jeffry Laub

“One of the most inspiring books of ‘life wisdom’ that I ever read. Dr. Tips has the heart of a true healer and I felt more and more uplifted with every turn of each page. I return to this book for practical inspiration and to ‘move forward’ in my life. God Bless.”  -- Claire Olson

“I attended Dr. Tips’ Passion Play seminar before I read the book. After the seminar, I was on fire to improve my life while helping others. Reading the book fanned the flames.  Passion Play was the spark that ignited my purpose in life—and so it’s touched the lives of those in need.”Heather Porter

“I double dog dare you to read this book. Your destiny awaits.”Yuma Yazzie

"The mirror technique is so much fun and easy to do ... a powerful tool that everyone should know ... but thinking about the six spheres of influence has changed the way I think about life ... one that makes me a more balanced person with insights to walk the higher path of love, contribution, health, compassion in relationships, and my attitudes about money that release my stranglehold feelings and have opened the door to a greater, more relaxed cash flow. The Passion Play book sits within arm's reach of my most inspriational writings--Kalil Gibran, Paul Twitchell, Poems of Rumi, The Secret, and Chicken Soup so I can refresh my spirit daily. -- Cathryn Kell

"To think I almost talked myself out of reading this book. I was afraid of having to work on myself. What happened is that I immediately related to the material, became enthused and excited about my inner ability to manifest a terrific life, and now, each day is full of meaning and adventures. No amount of thanks can express what's due. All I can say is when a perosn is ready to master this game of life, Passion Play helps harness your passion, tune your heart, and engages your playful spirit to create joy and greater awareness." -- Dr. Sharan Kuttan

ISBN: 0-929167-20-1

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    I am still reading this amazing book! ( And I do not use amazing lightly, amazing is reserverd for the power of a hurricane or the work of God,) I would love to rewrite a review in 3 months when I have practieced the tools and techniques

    Posted by Sean on 13th Jan 2018

    Review is above as I started typing without looking for what I should do.. I usually go all in without all info for life

  • 5
    Lifechanging book

    Posted by Katya on 2nd Oct 2017

    This book is amazing. I didn't expect to like it so much. I just finished it and can't wait to start the technique!