Neuroendocrine Communications by WellnessWiz Jack Tips

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In 2009, Dr. Tips delivered a landmark, 2-day Intensive Seminar, about the neuroendocrine system and its role in healing.  Here, attendees learned about 22 Endocrine Glands and their hormones.

As part of his seminars, Dr. Tips prepares extensive "Seminar Notebooks" that actually are stand-alone books about the topics, full of quick reference resources for practicing health professionals. He also prepares gorgeous powerpoints that take people step-by-stop through the material.

"A note of praise for the Neuroendocrine experience. Dr. Tips' Neuroendocrine Connection seminar is, without doubt, the best seminar I've ever had the honor to attend. Fascinating, clear, easy to understand, and his dry Texas humor kept me on the edge of my seat waiting for his next innuendo, pun, or cockeyed reference, all bringing this important subject to life.  His seminar notebook is a gem, and I refer to it frequently, especially the guide to the glands and their hormones. His discourse on cellular identity factors finally made the role of epigenetics and DNA come clear. Tying the key endocrine centers to the scientific information about chakras added a bioenergetic dimension that connected East to West most beautifully. I'm using the questionnaires included in the notebook in my clinic with good effect. All in all, a fabulous weekend that's paid dividend after dividend to both myself and my patients."  --  Dr. S. Hudson

Here, you can download the Neuroendocrine guide to 22 Endocrine Glands, their function, their hormones, and all the clinical tips on how to apply this information in the front ranks of helping people clinically. 

"I've attended many seminars on the endocrine system over the past 10 years. This is the finest one. Dr. Tips' insights and overview of any healing topic is worth the time and token payment as his information stems from a heart that knows what it means to be a healer and a mind that helps us avoid the laborious pitfalls of trial and error. His wisdom and knowledge are shared freely throughout his work." -- Dr. Billie Stokes

"Wow is all I can say. Well actually, here's what I appreciate about Dr. Tips' Neuroendocrine Connection seminar. He did not get side-tracted in meaningless information about non-essential information. His seminar presentation and accompanying notebook literally cuts to the chase and renders up the essential facts that matter to clinicians without trying to dazzle (and confuse) participants with a mind full of extraneous molecules like some seminars I've attended. Dr. Tips is the best teacher I've ever me because his message flows from his deep desire to share significant information that makes a difference in people's lives."  -- Jada S., MsT.

130 pgs, color, illustrated, $39.95