Natural Detoxification

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"Let this article do the 'splaining for you!" 

Here, Wellnesswiz Jack Tips communicates the importance and necessity to detoxify, and the wonderful virtues of the 3-Phase Detox Program: prepare the liver, help cleanse the extacellular matrix, and support intracellular detoxification. 

This is a reader-friendly generic article that practitioners can print and give to patients. It does not promote products.

In it, he explains how toxins affect the cells and body's inflammatory processes. Further, he explains the use of the Meta-Oxy® Test and the rationale for the cellular formulas' roles in "Detox Done Right! (TM)" 

The article features an attractive cover, 5-pages chock-a-block full of valuable information, and color illustrations designed to help your patients understand the "new model for detoxification" and build patient enthusiasm for committing to the program.