Microbiome2 -- Leaky Gut, A New View Of A Prime Health Disturbance

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Most everybody knows about Leaky Gut. We've all learned how antibiotics destroy the intestinal bacteria and create future allergies, inflammation, and immune stress.

We also know that Leaky Gut is associated with Autism and Alzheimers. But did you know about the direct impact that Leaky Gut has on thyroid autoimmune disease, taking unnecessary risks, chocolate craving, anxiety, eczema, overall level of inflammation throughout the body, weight retention, and depression? 

Did you know that your intestinal "culture" outnumbers the cells in your body by 10 to 1, communicates directly with your brain, and influences your thoughts?

You'll be astounded by the new insights and scientific findings that are making this subject more important than ever before and absolutely necessary to address for positive clinical outcomes! This is a groundbreaking research report that help you and your patients set the foundation for profound healing results.

And best of all, you'll learn simple steps to take to stop and reverse this cause of over 100 chronic-degenerative, autoimmune diseases.

"Dr. Tips' articles are always an insightful, inspired approach to a given condition, and the Leaky Gut article continues with this tradition! We've all heard of the concept of saving cord blood from the birth of a newborn, to hedge against possible deceases later in life.  Dr. Tips shifts this concept to another vitally important and unique part of our bodies--our gut terrain.  

Recognizing the novelty of each person's inner biome, which is as unique as each of our fingerprints and gives rise to the physical and emotional expression of each human, Dr. Tips proposes that each of us bank a small portion of our healthy colostrum/individual probiotic terrain.  Doing so would allow a person to recolonize their own gut, using the bacteria unique to them, following the use of medications such as antibiotics, or after a debilitating experience.  

This novel, personalized approach to medicine and wellness could very well be a vanguard concept as science continues to explore the role that bacteria and other microscopic life play in our human expression.  Thank you so much, Dr. Tips!"

--Sarica Cernohous, L.Ac., MSTOM, BSBA