Microbiome1: Your Foundation of Health

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The newest "hot button" in the natural health arena is the microbiome -- the Gastro-Intestinal colonies of microorganisms that directly influence the brain, mood, weight, food cravings, liver function, cellular energy, hormones, and set point of inflammation.

Research in 2012- 2013 is showing the dire need to reestablish you intestinal microbiome as a prerequisite to helping your body correct its expressions of less than optimal health, but easier said than done. In the average microbiome, there are antibiotic-altered, processed food-altered colonies with excessive numbers of pathogens as well as "good guys" in the wrong place.

There are 4 important steps to effectively stop Leaky Gut Syndrome, remove pathogens, prepare the terrain, re-seed the colonies, and maintain the new colonies so they become functional components of health rather than components of inflammation and autoimmune disease.  

In this groundbreaking article, Dr. Tips shows you, step by step, how to dramatically improve your microbiome to capitalize on its ability to lower the set-point of inflammation and elicit the best of health from your body's cellular processes.