Liver Triad Mastery by WellnessWiz Jack Tips

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Auxiliary information to the book, The Healing Triad: Your Liver—Your Lifeline that focuses on the pancreas as a key part of the “Digestion” part of the triad, and demonstrates how the pancreas is intimately involved in the body’s anti-parasitic ability. Features questionnaires for hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, asthma, leaky gut syndrome, and numerous protocols for pancreatic and parasitic concerns.

“One thing’s for sure, when Dr. Tips shares clinical insights, the savvy practitioner listens, and listens carefully, because there’s always a wealth of knowledge and depth of perspective that makes each discourse a practice expanding experience.  Such it is with Liver Triad Mastery.  – Dr. Rory Reyes

PDF file. 44 pages