Healing Power Within

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Do you have a cellular energy crisis?It’s easy to tell. Fatigue, pains, moodiness, or any symptoms at all reveal that your body may not have enough ATP (Adenosine TriPhosphate – the body’s chemical energy of life) for optimal health.

Lack of cellular energy precedes virtually all degenerative processes in the body. Without cellular energy, cells become inflamed, damaged, toxic, and resistant to hormones.

Every thought, breath, heartbeat, blink of an eye, nerve transmission, immune response, and most importantly, all healing requires ATP which serves our bodies the way dollars in the bank support our lives.

Within your body is an innate intelligence that is programmed for your optimal health—provided you have energy for that directive to carry out its mission. But why would you have a cellular energy crisis?

Here you will learn what thousands are discovering – why your ATP production may be too low. But best of all, you’ll learn about a natural way to increase ATP and harness your body to perform its life miracles within your cells.

“WellnessWiz Jack's insights can directly impact your life for the better right now! This book is jam-packed with valuable information that reveals how we can all improve our health, reverse and slow down the ravages of aging, and improve our ability to feel great, have clear creative thoughts, and live in the most optimal health possible.The Healing Power Withinis a milestone for anyone wanting to improve their health and quality of life.”