Dragon Rising: A Clinician’s Guide to Chinese Formulas by WellnessWiz Jack Tips

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In the late 1980’s, Doc Wheelwright created the Systemic Chinese Five-Element herbal formulas to address people’s constitutional and emotional states. Based on the historic Chinese tradition and the Kempo applications, he perfected the bio-energetic impact of time-honored constitutional herbology and opened up a deeper dimension to herbal healing.

This book is a collaborative effort by Tena Scarber, L.Ac. (Acupuncturist) and Dr. Jack Tips (Wheelwright Legacy). This clinician’s guide teaches the Chinese Five-Element foundation and progresses into the unique Wheelwright perspective of bio-energetic correction of fundamental imbalances to create a system of clinical applications to improve the impact of any herbal/nutrition program. Practitioners who learn to address a patient’s constitutional state are able to provide a deeper, more efficient healing directive to help the body adapt and establish its optimal health expression.

This material includes the Wheelwright Healing System, formula application triads, formula ingredient discussion, and clinical repertory.

Practitioners who apply core, constitutional, 5-element herbal support in their programs address the deeper causation of a person’s health issues, and consequently experience greater clinical results. – Seung Chung

150 pages, illustrations, ISBN #0-929167-29-5