Detoxification--A New Paradigm

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Detoxification has been part of Natural Health concern for the past 100 years. During that time, many natural health practitoiners have employed many methods to assist the body to detox. Fastings, cleanses, flushes abound. Colonics, coffee enemas, sweat lodges and soak baths. With the onslaught of toxic chemicals in the water and air, nuclear fallout, and genetically modified foods; the game has changed. Now detoxification must focus on the intracellular life processes of methylation, oxidation/redox pathways and nitric oxide pathways. Cell membranes control egress. In this article, an interview transcript, WellnessWiz Jack discusses a model for Detoxificaiton in the 21st Century and cites methods to prepare the body and suport the cells.