Conquer Candida--Restore Your Immune System by WellnessWiz Jack Tips

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Candida (yeast/fungus) is NOT the problem!  Find out what’s behind this "canary in the mine shaft" regarding health, toxin accumulation, inflammation, and the immune system.  Not just another candida book, here is an in-depth look at the silent, health-undermining, terrain-based pandemic that contributes to allergies, chronic fatigue, PMS, chronic infections, headaches, bloating, memory loss, and immune deficiencies.

“After six years of fighting candida with miserably restrictive diets, Nystatin®, and Nizoral® that damaged my liver, I read Conquer Candida because it was the only book I hadn’t read.  It offered me hope and plan. Two months later, I was free and can say that it changed my life.” – Linda Simmons, RN, Ret.

At a time when popular books expounded on the evils of candida and advocated trying to starve it out with ineffective dietary adjustments and kill it with dangerous prescription drugs only to have it reappear soon after, this book dared to suggest that candida is your friend and serves a purpose as a messenger with a profound message about how to restore a more vibrant health.

More importantly, this book explains what to do about these conditions by indicating true causes and offering unique insights and solutions based on hundreds of clinical case histories.

163 pages. ISBN 0-929167-00-7