Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Solution by WellnessWiz Jack Tips

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Solutions for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  

In this splendid and insightful discourse, Dr. Tips investigates the history of Chronic Fatigue including both the medical and natural health struggle to help people. In this investigation, you’ll meet the key players – the body’s on self-­-directive to reduce ATP energy and the epigenetic protective responses.

You’ll discover how cellular inflammation and free radicals can establish a fatigue pattern that can only be corrected inside the cells!  

“This is a completely empowering article. Dr. Tips covers in a mere 36 pages the entire history, causes, and contributors to CFS, and shows practitioners how to help people—quickly, effectively and permanently. Already two of my patients have benefited greatly from this information – one in 42 days, one in 73 days. Every natural health practitioner should read and implement this most valuable information – immediately!”Dr. Haide Lavandera  

"Please, Dr. Tips! Turn this article into a best-­-selling book. People are desperate for this information. … What a terrific forum for presenting the beauty of the Natural Health perspective, and best of all, encouragement for all the people who just don’t have enough energy to appreciate the wonders of life!"Jessica Matz, LMT  

This publication includes a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Questionnaire that practitioners can use for clinical screening. Dr. Tips provides a new definition for CFS that far exceeds what is commonly used, and that very definition points the way to the solution!  

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36 pages, illustrations