Cardinal Precepts Of All Health & Healing

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15 pages. Illustrated. Features 23 Key Principles of the Body's Innate Laws of Self-Cure. Helps guide and "case manage" the movement of the body to heal itself. Principles every Doctor and Practitioner must know in order participate effectively in the body's self-regulatory processes.

A concise listing of the Natural Laws of Life, Health, and Healing with brief commentary. Outlines the Natural Health concepts of: Vitality, Innate Intelligence, Genetics VS Epigenetics, Hering's Laws of Cure, Symptom Expressions, and the True Medicines for the human being. A foundational document for all natural health endeavors. This is highly proprietary insights from WellnessWiz Jack Tips and reveals the chief considerations to understand basic questions such as, "Is this a 'cleansing' reaction, or 'an obstacle to cure.' Something to read and re-read for those who wish to contemplate the body's wonders. Examples:

Precept #2. Symptoms Are The Body’s Perfect Expression of its struggle to maintain health—to adapt, survive, and perpetuate the species the very best it can under the circumstances, creatively working with what it has to work with. For example, to the body, psoriasis is preferable to death because one so afflicted can reproduce the species and thus immortalize DNA configurations. Chronic symptoms are warnings of the body’s Innate Vitality's confusion. For the practitioner/healer, help the body correct the cause, e.g. help organize, direct, whisper, point, support, and the body will assuredly move to express a more optimal health.

Precept 13. Suppression Of Symptoms Always Results In Future Escalation Of Disease. Always! With symptoms being the body’s perfect expression of its struggle, and the best choice the body can make, suppression of that symptom is like putting more pressure on the pressure cooker. The body’s innate vitality will express that suppressed symptom elsewhere and often as a more severe concern. Healing must support “correcting the cause” rather than suppressing the symptom. Suppression of asthma can result in arthritis; suppression of intestinal inflammation can result in psoriasis.

Precept 18. Less Is Better. Despite the Law of Mass Action that dictates physical dosages of nutrients and molecules as needing to be sufficiently potent, the Law of Bioenergetics (based on quantum physics principles) is more often the superior guiding principle. Patients’ bodies can become overwhelmed with high potencies of synthetic vitamins and the multiple directives of herbal formulas. Homeopathic medicine is the pinnacle of the minimum dose, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture) pays homage to this "less is better" principle. For the body, it’s the Law of Economy – always seek to do the most with the least amount of therapeutic agents. Find “points of leverage” to assist the body to make a breakthrough. True healing means that the therapeutic agent will provide assistance and then no longer be required. Thus healing therapies are self-limiting.