Blood Chemistry & Clinical Nutrition by WellnessWiz Jack Tips

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A nutritional guide for the clinical nutritionist. This manual and desk reference examines each blood test value from the SMAC-26/CBC lab test for its nutritional health implications and provides Systemic Formulas protocols for correcting imbalances. Includes optimal values, pathologies, clinical notes, cross references, protocols and valuable insights from other clinicians. An absolutely essential tool for the practicing health professional.

 • Lists optimal, clinical nutrition values, a tighter range for optimal health

• Provides an explanation of the test, it's signifigance, and clinical considerations

• Lists pathologies associated with altered lab values and a clinician's manual of nutritional support

 • Lists Nutritional Formulas and nutrients indicated for altered lab values. Primary and support formulas are differentiated

• Cross-reference a test with other tests to further confirm a potential plan

• Verify your interpretation via other lab tests

• Special insights from clinical experience provides clues to deeper meanings and more effective nutritional programming

• Warning of medical emergency values

• Other Clinicians, including Dr. Robert Marshal and Timothy Kuss, give their insights to help you in your practice Deep nutritional insights from the ordinary Auto-Chem, SMAC-26/CBC blood work.

123 Pages ISBN 0-929167-07-4