B-12 Questionnaire

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A quick assessment tool for Vitamin B12 insufficiency. One of the foundational causes is a lack of intrinsic Factor—a glycoprotein made by the stomach’s parietal cells. Intrinsic Factor is used further down the digestive cascade in the intestines so B12 can be absorbed. Nutrition that supports parietal cell health and provides supplemental B12 can help alleviate symptoms of B12 deficiency. Universal rights to reproduce this document.

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    Excellent questionnaire - highly recommended!

    Posted by Brenda Boyce on 2nd Jun 2017

    This questionnaire answered many of my health concerns showing me that I was severely deficient in the vitamin B12. As an example, as happens with many people in their later years (I'm 73) I would only have to knock my arm on something - usually in the garden - and I'd have a huge dark mauve unsightly bruise come up. My doctor had no answer. Since adding B12 to my regime (as indicated in the questionnaire) I haven't had a single bruise on my arm, even though I've been doing lots of gardening ... and I've only been taking it for a week! Amazing! Another symptom it would seem I suffer from with this deficiency is heart palpitations at night which always scare me. It's early days yet, but I have no doubt that these will improve with time. I am ever grateful that I completed this questionnaire and would highly recommend it, along with others I have completed.