Autoimmune - A Reversible Condition

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Autoimmunity--A Reversible Process! 
How the Central Dogma Overlooked Innate Intelligence & The Holistic Model

Contrary to common sense and the body's Innate Intelligence, Science and Medicine have erroneously interpreted the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology & Medicine  for over 50 years and preached that autoimmune diseases are "no known cause, no known cure" afflictions, and that once they get started, "there is no cure, only suppression of symptoms with drugs." For 50 years they have blatantly ignored the thousands of people who've reversed autoimmune diseases with diet, herbology, detoxification, laughter, meditation, homeopathy, and acupuncture.  Here, against the backdrop of Newtonian & Quantum Mechanics, Genetics & Epigenetics, 

Dr. Tips explains from both a philosophical and practical perspective how Science is discovering that "Just because a person's ancestors had a disease does NOT mean that, that person must also get that disease," and that foods, herbs, and natural remedies are indeed the true therapeutic agents for health and healing.

"I love this article! It made "science" so simple and entertaining, and turned on the lights about how the latest research is proving the validity of natural medicine." - Dr. Robyn Reid.

"Being a contractor, I have no background in biology and genetics, so what a surprise to find that I could easily understand this overview of science and history and even explain to others how the body has the ability to reverse disease and have health return. This discourse is another wake up call for people to experience better health through alliance with the laws of nature."  -- T. Walker Moore